Download Your Copy of Social Rules! - For Entrepreneurs and Small Business


Social Rules! Is a Common Sense Guide to Social Media Marketing

There are plenty of books about social media marketing on the bookstore shelves; what makes this one different is that Paul Slack cuts through the hype and gets down to business basics that can come only from hands-on business successes. Paul speaks the language of business owners and CEOs and creates efficient and effective methods for capitalizing on social media marketing. Whether you do this in-house by utilizing a current employee or hire a consultant to help you accomplish these goals, you’ll learn the optimal rules of engagement and how to measure results.

The book will help you understand and apply your new-found knowledge to answer these questions:

  • How does social media relate directly to my business marketing?
  • What are the best practices in social media and how can I use them effectively?
  • Why is it so important from the consumer perspective?
  • How can I effectively shift my advertising budget from non-traditional marketing to social media?